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The Instagrampier is a public cargo pier located on the west side of Hong Kong Island.
Every day, a great number of instagrammers, photographers and curious gather daily at the pier, especially at sunset, for taking selfies and scenic photos.
I started walking to the pier on a daily basis, and I soon begun noticing all the repetitions, including my own.
People would return to the pier, to create and re-create, very similar Instagram driven imagery; a constant repetition of poses and situations played by a never-ending number of interchangeable actors.
The pier becomes a place of transition, between reality and the virtual world of self-representation; between our real-selves and the way we wish our lives were perceived and represented; a “shared” portraiture of contemporary living.
Because of the nature of the place I’ve begun curating the Instagrampier’s own Instagram account. IG: @insta_pier

First edition, 2021
Double softcover, 136 pages, 78 color photographs
Design: Hannes Wanderer, Michele Salati, Pierfrancesco Celada
ISBN: 9791221045864

"If we take Instagrampier entirely seriously, it is a thoughtful sociological study of how images are being crafted specifically for Instagram identity-creation; and if we don’t, it’s a sharp caricature of overtly ridiculous 21st century Internet-driven behavior. Of course, it’s both, and that back-and-forth tension makes the photobook memorable."

-Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily-

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